Piano Lessons & Tutoring

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Piano Lesson Information



Lessons are held in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute sessions, usually once or twice a week. Depending on the student's level and age, certain lesson times will be recommended. 


I am a traveling piano teacher. At your convenience, I teach at your home. My rates include the fees for my time and gas to reach your location (within a certain radius). There may be extra fees depending on your location.


Since lessons will be held at your location, a piano/keyboard is needed. The piano must be tuned with all keys working. A keyboard should have weighted keys and touch sensitivity (pressing on the keys harder gives a louder sound). A metronome and a pedal are also required.



A payment sheet will be given out monthly listing lessons, materials, and event fees. To avoid a late fee, please make sure the payment is received no later than the first lesson of each month. Otherwise, a late fee of $10.00 will be charged.


Students are asked to pay for their own literature. These will be listed on the payment sheet for records. Occasionally, music books will be from my library.

Missed Lessons/Tardies and Makeups

If a student is late to his/her lesson, only the remainder of the lesson time will be given. Only sickness and emergencies are allowed for excused absences and are allotted a makeup lesson. Any other absences, such as parties, school functions, non-emergency doctor appointments, etc. are not considered excused. If these occasions come up, I ask for a 2 week notice in advance to allow time for planning the makeup lesson. Otherwise, the fee for these lessons will be given up.

During the Lesson

All distractions must be kept at a minimum (siblings, TV, pets, etc) as these will interrupt the lesson.   

If a parent wishes to discuss lessons, the first 5 minutes of the lesson will be used, but not at the end. This is to respect the following student's time slot. To maximize your child's lesson time, I would be happy to talk at another time. 

I do not hold lessons during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. For all the other holidays, such as Presidents' Day, Labor Day, etc., lessons will occur at regular times unless you request 2 weeks in advance. Please refer to the calendar for dates.

Parents' Involvement

Similar to school or sports, music lessons also require parental support. The importance you place on your child's lessons and practice time affects his/her perception of the value of the lessons. With this in mind, the following points will help to foster their progress:

  • Make a commitment. Viewing lessons with importance will encourage your child to think the same way. It is not uncommon for children to lose interest after awhile, but creating goals for what you expect your child to accomplish and maintaining a set schedule can help ensure that they stay on track.
  • Create a schedule. Planning a set time everyday for practice will help to reinforce your child's piano skills. This is crucial, as practicing everyday will give him/her a significantly greater advantage than practicing intermittently throughout the week. 
  • Encourage your child. Listening to your child practice and commenting on his/her efforts and progress goes a long way. Older students may not need you to sit with them as they practice; however, younger students may require more together time.
  • Discuss any feedback with me. Any thoughts, concerns, or questions from either you or your child are helpful and I will always try to adjust to meet certain needs.

    Practice Time
Students should practice 30-minutes to an hour a day, except for children ages 5-7. Children in this age range should practice approximately 10-15 minutes a day on the piano. As age and ability level increase, children should have more practice time, added in 10 minute increments. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of practicing daily.

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